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Farm Fence Installation

Innovative and up to date equipment allows post installation (pounded or conventional) in any ground condition and all terrains.

Equestrian facility fence design and construction are a specialty, offering a variety of products to suit your need.

Farm fence installation Material: steel wire with high strength ,with zinc coating layer or with out .Graduated steel wire mesh knotted field fence is suitable for borders in fields and grassland for breeding of deer cattle and other animals,forestry ,highwayFeatures:simple in structure ,easy maintenance,shor installation period,less weight ,easy for transport,good ventilation,innovative and firm structure ,flat surface uniform opening and good integration ,good flexibility ,good pressure resistance,good corrosion resistance,good weather resistance prosperties,not easily deform ,anti-oxidizing property.Hinge Joint : Prevents the deformation when animals lean on it Tension Curves:make the fence more elastic and resistant Prevents Wounds:Protect animal avoid infection Num Specification meshGross Weight(kg) Set and bottom wire Diameter(mm) In wire Diameter (mm)Volume diameter (mm) Type .

Farm fence installation offers eco friendly materials, efficient timing and fair pricing.With a team that has over 43 years experience combined, every step from introduction to installation, to follow-up is efficient, professional and completed to the highest standard.